Sunday, January 31, 2016

Entrepreneurship: When no one's looking

Took a while to decide to publish this one but's one of my rambling rants.  Why?  Well why not?  Plus this blog needed a new post... and writing is a great outlet for me :-)

One of my favorite Seal songs says,
"...we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy..."
This song is so real to meIt takes a toll when working so hard to persevere and follow the simplest of goals.
My mind breaks it down this way:

It's NOT all about money.  That's a CRAZY thing to say.  NoTell THAT to my business expenses and creditors with a straight face.   
Here's a little Secret:  They want EVERY CENT that's owed to interest.

Do what you love.  That's more crazy.  What I REALLY LOVE don't bring in Jack Sh**. How am I going to pay them people?

Never give up. I ain't sure feels like these sayings are bordering on lunacy now.

Focus!  Well now its all NUTS.  I am still learning how to REfocus.  It's now like an art since so many things are so great at getting your attention.  I admit - I'm one of those people that the SHINY stuff gets me...WTF?'s now an art.

See the point?
So...a tiny bit more than a "little" CRAZY?  That's evidenced here because I am...still  working towards those goals.  Why?  Because of my hallucinogenic visions of what will be.  What is the simplistic definition of a hallucination?  Seeing things that are not there.  Sigh!  What ELSE is there to see...other than what's not there?
Que sera, seraWhatever will be will be...heh...I'm dating myself with that one from Doris Day (that's a LONG time ago). conclusions here because I don't have the answer.  Many times there are no answers and I'm okay with that now.  At one time I felt I NEEDED to know the answers. But wisdom reveals that many times the answer is elusive and many "answers" are fill-ins...or are less than truthful...hmmm.  Well, that's just what's swirling in my head right now.  It's busy in there--just a little bit crazy.

Now back to surviving the grind...right after I listen to these two songs.