Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Entrepreneurship: I Can't Breathe

Meanwhile, During my Entrepreneurship Journey...

It starts with EXCITEMENT as the weekend approaches!  I am WORKED UP!  I am GOING to get something significant accomplished!  But time ALWAYS runs out and by Monday morning, the excitement engine sputters to a stop.  I have to pay the cost for my space in society so there is the job that must be attended.  From there, the better part of the work week is spent anticipating the coming weekend.  WTH?!!  What happened to this zest I have always had for work and life?  Is the old Typical Work Week cartoon now personifying my experience?

We've seen this old Snoopy cartoon many times before... 

How did I get here?  WHY am I even here?  This CANNOT be good.  Based on my Google Knows Best Search, (because Google knows best...and today is Wednesday), I am most likely BURNT OUT. 

Thinking Out Loud

This broken thing needs to be fixed.  I need to just write about it.  Get it out of my head.  Drink Wine?  Uh...maybe not too much of that.  Meditate.  Pray.  All of these actions work.  They really just temporarily take my mind off of the problem.  But sometimes that's all that's needed to be able to tackle it later.  Refresh and restart.  Sometimes non-actions work - relax.  Take a Vacation. Do NOTHING.  That would be GREAT!

Hmmmm!  I've convinced myself that I need to go on a much-needed vacation.  I already feel better.

I really need a vacation

New To Do List

  1. Think about what you are doing RIGHT
  2. Analyze your goals for those that are off track.
  3. Realign or readjust goals
  4. Plan for a vacation
  5. Take a vacation

What is being done RIGHT

Checkpoint: I did "retire" previously but not in the way I thought it should have been because I had to return to a job after the business was closed.

Checkpoint:  Saving for retirement.  Though this is slow, at least it's being done.

What is OFF Track

 Checkpoint: Business Procedures and Apps. This seems to be the source of much of the stress.  Enough time is not being allocated to get this done properly. 

Realign Goals

  1. Update timetable
  2. Break down off-track goal to more manageable parts
  3. Do more of what you enjoy doing.  
  4. Delegate what you don't enjoy doing to someone who enjoys that task.
  5. Get more training on what you enjoy doing.  It opens the mind to new perspectives.
  6. Work at your own pace and persevere.  Everything else is a distraction.


So it all boils down to perseverance.  This is truly a writing that evolved on its own because I had no clue what the conclusion would bring.  Indeed, for me it seems, writing about it works.   

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