Saturday, March 7, 2015

Learning Challenge! Mission Accomplished!

To take a piece from the late James Brown, "I feel good!" 

I have successfully completed four learning challenges: Cloud Development, Web Development, Office 365, and SharePoint.  You can view my profile information here.  It was very nice to know that 55,000 people from approximately 146 countries around the world participated.  This included the 296 who identified from the Caribbean.  I thought that was a noteworthy fact  :-). 

Excitement Abound

I was seriously falling out of love with programming but now there is hope again.   Everything had began to feel like drudgery and grunt work.   But new platforms, new, improved ways of doing things, new tools - these all contribute to a new level of creativity.  Quite refreshing.

The Fun Part - Implementation.

The fun part now is applying all this knowledge.  For example, our company, AOWR Media,  is in the process of moving to the cloud because it makes more sense for us. The Cloud and Web Development challenges provided enough insight and information to help us make that decision.  Paired with the fact that AOWR Media is part of the Microsoft Partner Network, this is really just a case of optimally utilizing resources that were there all along.

By the end of the first quarter (yes - by the end of March 2015), I am looking forward to implementing some awesome features in my projects.   I shall keep you updated.  

Until then - get some of your energy source from learning.  It's an amazing thing.