Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fresh, Sweet, IT Skills

So Excited!

Seems like I desperately needed a challenge like "Know It. Prove It." to get me excited again about technology.  I'm not terribly competitive so it definitely is not for any competitive aspect of the challenge.  What keeps me highly engaged is the commitment and probable accomplishments that has kicked everything in my brain into high gear.

A Refreshing Learning Experience

And it is well worth it.  I feel renewed, refreshed and more alive.  Hey.  That's what works for me. For the first time in a long time, technology doesn't seem like just a mere money-making commodity, but once again full of exciting tools to creatively solve real-world problems.  With  some amazing upgrades, the problems, the solutions available, the vast canvas for a new level of fresh creativity without having to fumble around (too much) in the dark...hey, darkness is always there...hmmm.  Darkness is still, after all, the absence of light.  

Hopefully you're still hanging in there with me (lol).  That was one of my weak Yoda-esque moments. ;-)

Web Development

I am ambitiously taking four challenges and dedicating myself to completing one each week during the four-week challenge.   Having already dug into and currently developing using MVC programming, web development was an awesome introduction/review for me.  With these types of courses the formal introductions help fill in missing blanks and provide suggestions for improvements and best practices.   Awesome!

Some Feedback

I cannot tell a lie, the beginning part of the cloud development challenge was pure torture. This was the introduction and mostly Administrative and configuration aspects of Azure. Definitely Not my thing.  But once I moved on to the design and development sections, it quickly became my new favorite skill to have.  It will definitely change the way I approach development...for the better.   I would vote this the most refreshing challenge so far.

I  am now on the Office 365 challenge and then finally, will be on to SharePoint, according to my plan.

Mobile Development Challenge?

If there is still time then maybe  the mobile challenge.  However, I am already embracing mobile first development via responsive web design so that topic is more or less already being sufficiently addressed.


Mutual Benefits

Our customers will benefit greatly from this newly acquired knowledge.  There are still two weeks left in February from the time of this post to get on the challenge.   And you can STILL join the challenge.  Just sign up at MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy), and start refreshing your brain on this exciting stuff.  Have fun!

Talk to you soon.